Monday, February 28, 2005

Ice & Snow

Ice and snow clinging to the Holme Moss transmitter. Posted by Hello

Chilly Holme Moss

We had a trip up to Holme Moss in the Pennines on Sunday, it was the busiest I've ever seen it up there with hundreds of people sledging and a few trying to paraglide off the side of the hill but with not much success due to the surprising lack of wind up there. Posted by Hello

Friday, February 25, 2005

Ice Lolly Van! Posted by Hello

How many frozen cars was that! Posted by Hello

Frosty or What! Posted by Hello

Incredible Melting Snow

Despite all the snow that fell overnight on Wednesday, through Thursday, the snow that fell all through the day didn't settle anywhere, not even on existing snow. I've never known anything like it before, usually snow will settle here at +2c or even +3c but yesterday it was having none of it even at 0c.

We still had the most amount of snow lying that we've had for 10 years so I can't really complain too much! While the cold weather is allegedly still going to be with us for a few days yet, the snow we had is quickly melting away and any showers we get today are likely to be sleet or rain.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Top Banana!

Overnight and through this morning (it's still falling) we've had the most snow I've seen for many a year! Only an idiot like me would take the scenic route into work instead of the main road on a day like today! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Get Your Sledges Ready!

All through yesterday we had snow followed by sunshine and anything that fell soon melted away. This morning we've had almost non stop snow since 6am and while it's stopped at the moment, it's staying cloudy so the inch of snow we have so far today isn't melting. The forecast is for more showers through today then for more persistent snow overnight and into tomorrow. It's certainly going to be a very interesting night with lots of lamppost watching and hoping that we're snowed in tomorrow morning! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Slip Sliding Away

My little car getting to grips with almost and inch of snow Posted by Hello

Here Comes The Snow

After all the watching and waiting over the last few days, we finally got a decent fall of snow over night :-) Posted by Hello

Monday, February 21, 2005

Just A Few Flakes

We had a few flakes of snow over the weekend but it never really got going and even last night when I was expecting a decent amount of snow all we got was a couple of short showers.

Today we've had quite a few reasonable snow showers, however, not a single flake is settling. Here comes another snow shower as I type but I can't see it settling unless we get flakes the size of footballs. What we could do with is a few showers through the afternoon and then about a foot overnight so we can't get to work in the morning

I would have taken a photo this morning of one of the heavier flurries but some idiot forgot to put his memory card back in his camera! Never mind, it's in now and I'm ready to spin round and snap away should anything else fall out of the sky.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Stripping Off In The Bathroom

It’s been a hard week so far, finishing off the kitchen was a pinch of salt compared with striping the bathroom. I’ve not been able to use the steamer because the walls have been skimmed and it fetches off the plaster.

So I’ve been there with a sponge and a scraper doing an inch at a time and now every muscle in my body is aching. I’m definitely not in very good shape and I’m glad I don’t do stripping for a living, I’m certainly no Chippendale that’s for sure

It’s not escaped my attention that the weather forecast is going for cold weather this weekend. I’ve seen it all before too many times this winter and it’s come to nothing so even though the charts are looking good and the weather forum is buzzing, I’m expecting nothing and if we do get any snow it will be a bonus.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentines Day

Just a flying visit today, I'm off work this week, not strictly a holiday, more like one weeks hard labour finishing off the decorating.

It's been a manic first morning trying to sort out the kitchen with three cats jumping on everything, Lucy mostly jumping on me and our new puppy Lollypop wanting to be picked up every two seconds!

My beautiful Wife has left me a lovely valentines message today :-)

I'm going to be busy this afternoon making sure everything is ready for when she comes home from work, I know she loves surprises and I'm pretty sure she'll be very surprised :-)

Have a great Valentines Day sweetheart; can’t wait to see you this evening ;-)

Love Paul

Friday, February 11, 2005

Happy Ending

It looks like being a cold weekend, I've no idea if it will snow or not and even I did, I wouldn't say because that always seems to jinx it!

Instead, I've been reading the news for a change and found a lovely story with a happy ending. A Labrador puppy fell off the cliffs at Flamborough head and after an extensive search was given up for dead until he was found safe and well five days later :-)

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Red Nose Day!

After the shock of Zippy's death on Monday, we're slowly getting back on our feet and remembering the good times we had with Zippy from him perching on our shoulder for the first time to him saying his first word, 'hello'.

It's hard to think of anything else at times like this but while in the local shop last night, we picked up some crisps sporting the Comic Relief logo, advertising the next Red Nose Day so I've been to have a look at the web site to find that this years theme is Big Hair & Beyond and will be on Friday 11 March 2005.

For anyone who hasn't heard of Red Nose Day before, it's a fun charity event run every two years, the highlight of which is an evenings madness on BBC1 with comedians and celebrities coming together to help raise money for many different causes all over the world. To find out more and get involved, check out the web site.

We always buy a red nose but last time we couldn't get hold any for the cars. This year I think we'll be buying direct from the Red Nose Shop so we get both our red noses with bonkers hair doo's and two car hair freshener's. It's also traditional to get blind drunk on the night, have a roaring good laugh and donate some more hard cash over the phone.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Ornithological Question

We saw this duck at Worsborough yesterday and I'm not a hundred percent sure what it is. I think it might be a hybrid, produced by a very shorted sighted Mr Duck jumping on the wrong Mrs Duck. Posted by Hello

Friday, February 04, 2005

Understanding Begins At Forty

Watching the news this morning, a story came on telling us that when men reach the age of 40, they start understanding women more. Now at 35, I would have thought that I might be starting to pick up on things that previously went over my head, but alas no, like most other men under 40, I still have no idea whatsoever what makes women tick.

So, unless this 'knowledge' just appears in your head on the morning of your 40th birthday, I fear there may be no hope for me.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I think this is going to be my new pet subject for taking pictures of, reflections of anything in the water. It reminds me of going fishing when I was younger, watching the float and it's reflection bobbing in the water, waiting for it to disappear. Posted by Hello

Life Is A Roller-coaster

It is if you follow the winter weather like me!

One minute it looked like being cold and snowy all next week and then it looked like being cold, dry and then warmer and now it's all up in the air again. For instance, the Yahoo weather forecast for Saturday has gone from snow to rain and now back to sleet in the space of three days.

I should really limit myself to looking at the charts for the next three days but because they are available for the next two weeks, I just can't help taking a peek.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Thanks For Linking!

A big thank you to Dreaming-Neko for linking to me


The Lapwings at Old Moor, soaring into the sky every few minutes when they're spooked by something. Posted by Hello