Thursday, December 30, 2004

Busy Christmas

We’ve been so busy over Christmas, I’ve not had time to look at the weather forecasts, let alone get a post on here. We went over to Manchester on Monday to see my new in-laws and they had much more snow than us still lying from Christmas day.

I’ve been trying out my hovercraft I bought yesterday in the sales but I’ve had to put it away now because its sending the cat’s potty! It seems to have a mind of its own steering wise, I’ll have to get some practice in outside and see if it works ok on water.

I’ve had a quick look at the charts today and it looks like we might see some snow to higher levels on Saturday afternoon / night. I think we might be going back up to Holme Moss if it looks like it will snow before it gets dark.

I'm off again now because Eric won't leave me alone long enough to type anything!

View from a very cold and very windy Caringorm Mountain. Posted by Hello

Rocky Robin on lookout at the side of Loch Ness. Posted by Hello

View of Loch Ness while were on honeymoon. Posted by Hello

Saturday, December 25, 2004


Mr & Mrs Snowman are back in town!

The wedding was fantastic and the honeymoon in Scotland was out of this world!

We had the icing on the cake this morning to see snow falling as we woke for Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas to everyone :-)

We've posted a few pictures on Snowbabies with hundreds more to follow!

All the best,

Paul (Mr Yorkshire Snowman)

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Wedding Bells

My last post as a single man!

The wedding bells are calling so I'll have to rush off, I'll leave you with a view of Loch Ness this morning.

Paul :-) Posted by Hello

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Taking It Easy

I was running about like a maniac again yesterday and ended up slipping on the stairs, pulling a muscle in my back, just in time for the wedding rehearsal! I was a bit concerned that I’d be stuck after kneeling down but I was fine and everything went well.

Today I'm having a bit of a break and keeping out of mischief, just making a few phone calls to make everything is still going to plan. I've spoken to the chap in Scotland, where we are spending our honeymoon, apparently it’s warm enough to sit outside today. I must admit it is milder here today, the temperature anyway, it still feels cold with the strong wind.

This year the Met Office appears to be going for a mild Christmas and most independent forecasters seem to think it will be cold. I've been monitoring this over the last few days and while every set of charts is different, it’s been looking cold next week for a while now.

Time for me to go and find if my waistcoat has arrived yet, I'll leave you with another lovely view from Finland.

Picture source: by Hello

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Thanks For Linking!

A big thank you to Now Then for linking to me

This is Finland but could this be the scene driving up to Scotland after our wedding?

Picture source: Posted by Hello

Busy Couple Of Days

I’ve been a bit on the busy side over the last two days even though I’ve been off work, it’s been all go sorting out my wedding suit, our Christmas tree and doing a bit more Christmas shopping.

I’ve decided I want a cattle prod for Christmas, for next years shopping, so I can make my way through the crowds of people who haven’t got a clue where they are going or why.

I managed a couple of hours on the computer yesterday afternoon, doing the post on Snowbabies, I was battling again the gremlins, with FTP not wanting to play and Hello also being a pain in the butt. I just managed to get everything done before it was time to make tea and amazingly, that went to plan. Debbie even said it was a better lasagne than she had ever made, not bad for my second attempt!

This morning I’ve had time to look at the weather charts and it’s still looking quite interesting for our honeymoon in Scotland in just over a weeks time. There’s no detail available as the charts are changing every day but they seem to be consistently showing a cold spell before Christmas. Could this be the first Christmas for ages with proper falling and lying snow?

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Last Day!

It's my last day at work .... whoopee!

It's been a trying day so far though, no winding down for me just yet, I'll be dodging the flying brown stuff until home time I'm going to be rushing around like a maniac trying to get everything sorted before it's time to speed off home, never to return, well, until next year anyway.

Roll on 5.30pm.......... I'm not a celebrity, but get me out of here anyway!

Beautiful Austria.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Snowing Across Finland

Looking through the snow reports on Weather Online, I was spoilt for choice this morning with around 30 different webcams showing the snow falling across Finland today, I think this is the pick of the bunch though, very festive!

With the snow melting over the Cairngorms, I was pleased to see a fresh dusting of snow this morning, not much, but it does show that even though it's quite mild here at the moment, we're getting to that time of year when anything is possible up over the mountains of Scotland.

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Monday, December 06, 2004


Only 11 days to go now to our wedding and the long range forecast is starting to include the big day and part of our honeymoon in Scotland.

After two days not looking at any weather charts, it's all change again, there's no sign of anything wintry this week and not really anything next week. The only sign of any snow at the moment starts to appear a week on Saturday ....... yep, that's our wedding day and I'm not going to go into any detail because it's too far away and I'll just jinx it

I almost wish I hadn't started looking that far out but I just couldn't resist it, I was always going to be a nervous wreck for the next 11 days and watching the charts chop and change from snow to rain and back again will probably send me completely cuckoo!

Friday, December 03, 2004

Frosty Rainbow

For once, there was something worth taking a picture of on the way into work this morning, a rainbow and quite unusual with frost on the ground.

The charts are still showing something next Wednesday through to Friday, but I think any snow at it stands now would be confined to Scotland and possibly the very highest places around here. I've started looking at the charts more than a week out, known as Fantasy Island (because they very rarely come true), but it's interesting to see what might happen as we move towards our wedding... Posted by Hello

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Attic Attack

Having a planned day off work yesterday, I spent the whole day sorting out the attic bedroom and by the time I'd finished I didn't have the energy to pop on-line and check out blogland or the weather and this morning, I've got aching muscles I didn't know existed!

Having done all the work yesterday, I was a bit miffed to find today that I've not lost any weight at all over the last week, probably due to too much beer over the weekend. I'll just have to make sure I keep away from the beer this week and get the exercise machine smoking every night to make sure I can get into those new jeans in time for the honeymoon.

I'm pleased to see today that there is still snow over the Cairngorm mountains, the charts aren't showing any imminent chances of more snow at the moment although I have got my eye on something that could arrive next Wednesday but it's far too early to speculate at the moment.