Monday, November 29, 2004

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Surprised to find so much snow on Cairngorm this morning :-)

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Chilling With The Pride

We had a great time at Knowsley Safari Park on Saturday, it was nice to get away from it all for a while, with less than three weeks to go to our wedding, things are starting to get a little hectic around here. You can't beat looking into the eyes of a lion, standing two feet away for taking you mind off things!

Luckily I'm finishing work next Thursday so I'll have over a week to make sure all the plans are still on track and sort out the last few details before the big day. The nerves are holding out quite well at the moment but I think as soon as I've done with work and started getting everything ready at home, I'll be sliding down the slippery slope to a jibbering wreck by the day itself! I'll just have to keep myself busy, turning the place into a palace so we can sell quickly next year and move to pastures new.

I was surprised to find that there has been quite a bit of snow up in the Cairngorm mountains over the weekend, with any luck the snow should stick around for a while with the continuing cooler weather. It would be nice to think that the snow will last right up to our honeymoon up there just before Christmas but I think that may be a long shot, although with 18 inches of snow reported at the top, you just never know.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Just a reminder why we don't open the windows when watching pussy cats at Knowsley Safari Park....... we like all our limbs where they are! Posted by Hello

Friday, November 26, 2004

Breathe In!

Well, the weekend is almost upon us and yes, it going to be colder but I can't any snow in the distance just yet. The charts don't show anything cold enough and usually an increase in straw clutching, divided opinions and even bickering in the Weather Outlook Forum means snow is going to be unlikely over the next few days.

My main concern at the moment isn't anything to do with the weather though, it's wondering how the chuff I'm going to get into those trousers I bought yesterday. I got them one size lower than I've got now, with the diet going so well I didn't want to be wearing baggy trousers on our honeymoon in three weeks time. I think what this now boils down to is that I need two inches off the beer belly between now and then, either that or I'll be walking around Scotland without ever breathing out and I'm not sure which is the harder!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Christmas In Lapland

Well, the charts are still all over the place for the weekend and we're almost there, it still looks like being generally cooler for a few days, whether we see any snow is still anyone's guess at the moment.

With the lack of imminent snow this week, I've been mucking about with a new toy, Flickr. I kept seeing these free picture hosting sites but we don't really need one so I've left them alone until now. While browsing blogs, I spotted that someone had a selection from their photo album displayed in the side bar and I thought, how cool! So, I've signed up and loaded all the photos that have been posted here apart from the webcam shots which aren't mine to be putting in an album.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Looks Like Getting Colder

Well, there's still 147 weather stations across Europe reporting snow with blizzards in parts of Norway and Poland! The pick of the webcams today is Taupltz, Austria, it might have been behind other locations snow wise but it's certainly making up for lost time!

There's nothing much to report on the snow front here, the charts are still a mystery at the moment, although it does look like it will be colder this weekend and then, more or less stay cold into December. There is a hint that we could see some wintry weather here towards the end of next week but it's too far ahead to call at the moment.

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Monday, November 22, 2004

View from our attic window late on Saturday afternoon. Posted by Hello

Weather Gets Back To Normal

The snow has gone now but it did manage to hold on until Sunday afternoon which for November here is pretty good. I can't at the moment see where our next snowfall will come from, the charts are changing from one run to the next, the only thing this certain is that the next few days will be a little bit warmer, then after that, anything could happen :-)

One good thing at the moment is that there are still 159 weather stations across Europe reporting snow today so, with all that lying snow around, if we do get any weather from the East or North East, it should bring lots of snow here.

The weeks are flying by now as we hurtle towards our wedding three weeks on Saturday, I can't believe it will be December next week! Christmas decorations are starting to spring up around us, I think the early snowfall has got everyone in the festive a little bit early this year

Friday, November 19, 2004

Having a break from the weather watching while we get pissed for Pudsey with traditional riniging up with the credit card details later and trying to speak to a telephone operator when I can't even stand up! Posted by Hello

What a great day to be a Snowman! Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 18, 2004

All smiles as the snow falls..... Posted by Hello

Pleased as punch.... anounce that it's snowing in Barnsley!! Posted by Hello

Snow Update

Watching the temperatures falling away this morning, it looks like it could be a little bit colder than at first thought. The Pennines are sure to get some snow today it's looking more likely now that lower levels could see snow also :-)

I took a double take at the chart on this morning showing up to 15cm of snow in the midlands, at the time I didn't think it was very likely but the way things are panning out at the moment, with sleet reported earlier in north west Yorkshire, that chart might not be so far off the mark :-) Leeds/Bradford airport is allready down to 4c with the really cold air not due here for at least another 4 or 5 hours!

Lampost Watch

So, after being forecast two weeks ago, the cold snap is finally here :-) I could just be normal and just sit back and think if it snows, it snows, but where's the fun in that!

The 528 dam line is the key, any precipitation behind that line is more likely to fall as snow and looking at the charts, it looks like that line will pass over here between 6pm and 8pm tonight. The problem is that most of the precipitation is currently just in front of that line which is why it's all so very finely balanced.

The Cairngorms have already seen some snow and I'm at least expecting the Pennines to see a flake or two through today. We might just see something here but I've remembered to bring the camera in so that's probably put paid to that Nether the less, I'll be keeping a very close eye on that lampost tonight!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Will it Snow Tomorow?

Trosmo in Norway is back under a fresh blanket of snow once again and with 84 weather stations across Europe reporting snow this morning, the question is, when, if at all, will we get ours? That's what makes snow watching so intriguing, with less than 24 hours before the snow is forecast to arrive, no-one can be 100% sure just where and when.

The weather warning has receded a little now but there's still a chance that higher levels around here will see some snow over the next couple of days. The cold air will be moving down the country tomorrow, preceded by rain, if the cold air catches up with the rain then we could see snow here even at lower levels. On Saturday, rains look like sweeping in from the west and if the cold air is a little stubborn and doesn't get pushed out of the way too quickly, we could have another chance of snow :-)

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Warning Of Heavy Snow!

The Met Office have today issued the first warning of heavy snow this season, the warning is for Thursday and it's not a surprise that Scotland has the highest risk (60%) with chances of snow diminishing the further south you go. It looks like we're currently in the 30-40% bracket but close to the 40-50% bracket. I would think this early warning will be updated again tomorrow morning and with any luck our chances of snow might have increased. are also showing snow on Thursday/Friday for Scotland and central/northern areas of England around the Pennies, again, this will be updated tomorrow morning and hopefully the big green patch on the map will still be there :-)

Monday, November 15, 2004


It's now snowing in lots of places in Europe, the pick of todays webcams is Zakopane, Poland.

Sadly, not even a frost over the weekend here although it was pretty cold. The next couple of days look like being a little bit warmer and then it looks like getting colder from late Wednesday through to the weekend, any snow looks like being confined mainly to Scotland, but you never know, we might just see a few flakes down here too :-)

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Friday, November 12, 2004

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Snow Arriving at Cairngorm

I'm happy to say the forecast was right, here comes the snow!

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Cat Magnet!


What herb are you?
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Stolen from Gemmak.

Snow for Scotland

The snow has returned to Iceland.....Hurrah! The snow has just about melted away in Lapland.....Bugger!

We have snow forecast for Scotland this afternoon and not just in the mountains, lower levels could also see a dusting, I'm sure Gemmak will be jumping for joy later on! I'm not expecting to see anything here, it only looks like being a short lived northerly blast but it is going to get colder and the camera is at the ready for the fields turning white with frost tomorrow morning!.

I'm now looking towards next Thursday/Friday where, at the moment at least, it looks like another blast from the north could penetrate much further south giving at least a few flakes over the tops, maybe even in our back yard :-)

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Which Browser Do You Use?

I've been enjoying the power of Firefox for a few months now and when I heard about the new 'proper' version I couldn't wait to download it. The site was a bugger to get onto on launch day with everyone and his Auntie trying to download it but it seems to be readily accessible now. I managed to get my hands on it yesterday and found it a piece of cake to install. Today I've been looking at the alternative themes available and have opted for Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) and it looks dam sexy!

I've noticed that 57% of visitors are using Internet Explorer and 33% are using Firefox, so if you're still making do with IE, give Firefox a try and feel the power!

Get Firefox!

This is the weather in Barnsley today, cloudy.... just like yesterday and the day before that and the day before that.... sheesh .... I'll have to do a snow dance ..... I'll go get me snowahawk Posted by Hello

G'day Bruce!

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Dangerous Drivers

It seems to be national prang your car day today, on the way in to work this morning I heard on the radio that there had been a bad accident on the M1 junction 34 and looking at the roadside, I noticed a car had driven into a wall. Then not a minute later, another traffic bulletin announcing that there had been another accident on the M1, this time junction 36. There's often accidents on that stretch of the M1 but it's baffling me how the car on our road managed to end up hitting the wall, I can only assume it must have swerved to avoid something.

At work this morning I was watching an elderly chap come back to his car. We've seen him before returning with a bottle of whisky and taking a swig before setting off so we've reported him to the police. Today he just put the bottle in the door pocket and started the car, he hadn't shut his door properly, he drove forward instead of backwards and stopped before hitting the car in front. Then then he drove backwards, then forwards, the door swung open and just missed my car. How he manages to get home I don't know but there are a few dents in his car.

Enough about dangerous drivers, what about the snow prospects? Well, from what I can see from the charts and forecasts, it looks like swinging between warm and cold for the next week, not really cold enough for snow here but there may be a chance over higher ground with the Scottish mountains at least seeing some snow over the next few days although I doubt it will amount to much. I'll just have to make do with a frost on Friday morning!

Here's a picture pinched from Snowbabies, Paul of the Antarctic from February this year on Holme Moss, one of the highest roads in the Peak District near Holmfirth. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Star Wars - Edge Of Reason

What do you think of the new teaser trailer for Star Wars III. I watched it for the first time yesterday and it looks fantastic, especially Mr heavy breather himself, Darth Vader! Only another six months to wait until it hits the screens, I'll have to go and get the box set of the first three films to keep me going.

The next film we want to see is Bridget Jones - Edge Of Reason, featuring Hugh Grant and Colin Firth going at it yet again, this time in a fountain which looks hilarious, hopefully the rest of the film will be just as funny as the first one was.

Monday, November 08, 2004

A shot from Yorkshire for a change, out of our attic window! Posted by Hello

Looking around Europe and Scandinavia today, after weeks of nothing, Trosmo in Norway has had more snow while the webcams in Iceland are showing much less lying snow than last week. The big news though is in Zugspitzgipfel, Germany where after looking like all the snow was going to melt, this morning I find that they've had a huge dump over the weekend!

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Finally Getting Colder?

It's been a while since my last post, a combination of being busy and technical problems!

Before I look at the current snow situation I'd like to take time out to say how brave my lovely Fiancee (Wife in 39 days!) has been, telling the world about her long battle with PCOS, please take a minute to read her story here.

Looking at the forecasts and the charts, I can't see any sign of snow anywhere in the UK in the next seven days. There were hopes for a taste of winter this weekend but at the moment that looks to have fizzled away. On a more positive note, it should get a little colder as we go through this week, who knows, we might even see the first frost of Autumn! The long range forecasts suggest things will stay cool into next week with a possibility of a flake or two.....we shall see

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Out Of Breath

I've had a walk into town today, something I've not done for a while and boy does it feel like it! It's only about a 20 minute walk, but I do tend to walk quite fast and by the last stretch coming back up the hill, my calf's were on fire!

I see Bush looks like he's back in for another term, I've not really taken much notice but from what little I have seen, neither were all that convincing and it looks like it's come down to a question of better the muppet you know. So we've got a few months before it all starts again over here, I can't wait!

Not much to report on the snow front today, the word is that there may be a cold blast a week on Thursday/Friday, I'll have a better idea on this after the weekend, if it's still on the cards by then

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Russia and Sweden seem to have been getting all the snow over the last few days, just look at that purple sky in Storgatan.

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Chart Watch

I've been checking the charts again today to see if I can see any sign of the cold spell next week and while I still can't see anything that would bring any snow here just yet, it does seem to be heading in the right direction, ie, getting colder :-)

It does look like Scandinavia could be in for some very snowy weather from Thursday through the weekend though so I'll be keeping a very close eye on those webcams towards the end of the week.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Twighlight Zone

It's been a very busy weekend, wall to wall shopping mostly, everything from dodgy TV upgrades to nice tops Nothing seemed to phase us over the weekend, even being greeted by an overflow pipe spewing water on Sunday afternoon was sorted out in minutes with a new washer and a bacardi & coke. The extra hour has done us both though, we were in the twilight zone last night, by the time it was 7pm it felt more like 10pm and bed time!

November is finally here and we can reasonably expect snowfall from now until March or April, whether we get any is another matter entirely! The forecast for this week is mostly fog, frost and cloud but I have read on the Weather Outlook Forum that there maybe a cold snap next week. I've had a look at the charts and can't see any sign of a cold snap up to next Monday, which is as far ahead as I dare look, beyond that time scale, the charts are known as Fantasy Island, they often look good for snow but usually change by the time they get within a week away.