Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Red Nose Day!

After the shock of Zippy's death on Monday, we're slowly getting back on our feet and remembering the good times we had with Zippy from him perching on our shoulder for the first time to him saying his first word, 'hello'.

It's hard to think of anything else at times like this but while in the local shop last night, we picked up some crisps sporting the Comic Relief logo, advertising the next Red Nose Day so I've been to have a look at the web site to find that this years theme is Big Hair & Beyond and will be on Friday 11 March 2005.

For anyone who hasn't heard of Red Nose Day before, it's a fun charity event run every two years, the highlight of which is an evenings madness on BBC1 with comedians and celebrities coming together to help raise money for many different causes all over the world. To find out more and get involved, check out the web site.

We always buy a red nose but last time we couldn't get hold any for the cars. This year I think we'll be buying direct from the Red Nose Shop so we get both our red noses with bonkers hair doo's and two car hair freshener's. It's also traditional to get blind drunk on the night, have a roaring good laugh and donate some more hard cash over the phone.

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Anonymous said...

We have Red Nose Day in Australia every year - it's to raise funds for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).
As well as people and car noses, there are bus and truck noses, and even ones for buildings!
We don't have the tradition of getting blind drunk on the night though.