Sunday, July 25, 2004

Getting Away With It

I've managed it again, I'd planned to put the gate on today but, horror of horrors, it's raining so it is with real dissapointment that I'm going to have to pospone this again. Unfortunatley, the rain showers and howling winds have also put paid to the idea of having bbq today, maybe we'll just have some burgers on the grill instead.

So, with that off the schedule for today, it leaves me free to do absolultley nothing which is what Sundays were made for.

I've still got some beer left from last night, only four bottles but they are big ones. I went for the offer at the local supermarket yesterday, buy three bottles for four pounds, so I just picked the six of the big 750ml bottles of Castle Lager. Looks like I'll be performing my special vanishing beer trick again later on today.

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