Monday, July 26, 2004

Loosing Sleep

Yesterday's doing nothing plan was cool and I would have thought I'd be all refreshed and raring to go today but I'm quite the opposite. My get up and go has left the building leaving me tired and I'm loosing the will to stay awake. I'm not usually this bad, it's all Big Brother's fault, if they had the show on at 9pm during the week, I'd get my extra hours sleep that I obviously need. Housemates should also be warned about kicking off or doing anything remotely interesting as this just results in the show being extended and I loose more precious sleep. I might just tape tonight's show and watch it tomorrow tea time, the problem with that is the show is already 24 hours out of date when it's shown, so by the time I see the show it will be 48 hours out of date. By Friday I'd be watching Thursdays show about Wednesday and then the eviction show later showing a little of Thursday and Friday. It's all very confusing and I'm going to end up with jet lag or something by the weekend.