Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Meddler

The sim car on my mobile (and Debbie's) has been stopped to make way for the new ones from T-Mobile and we've left the new sim cards at home having being told the changeover would be on Friday. So all I can do with it at the moment is play mini golf, cool! We'll get the new sim cards installed tonight and then we can sign up for web access and hopefully get some better games, there are only a couple on the phone worth playing, mini golf obviously and the other one being Deep Abyss.

Today is going well for a change, working in IT and getting the problems that no-one else can solve, I can spend days getting to the bottom of some of these queries. Long gone are the days when you could ask questions like "have you switched the printer on" or "is the mouse plugged in". Everyone's a bit more computer literate these days and that presents it's own problems. Take the meddler, for instance, someone who has a go at fixing something and ends up making it considerably less fixed than it was in the first place. Then of course when they do finally admit defeat and call for help, they deny that they ever touched anything just to make it more of a challenge.

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Jennyta said...

Keith would definitely agree with you there! He spends hours unravelling other people's mistakes. If you were to believe some of them, computers have a life of their own. There again....maybe there's some truth in that :)