Thursday, July 22, 2004

Mini Golf

The new phones are brilliant, nice colour screen, nice buttons for texting, they don't eat your unfinished text if you're distracted for 30 seconds, you can make more than one call without having to charge the battery again, it has mini golf, we can share stuff via bluetooth and we can take photos, did I mention it has mini golf?

We need a bluetooth adapter now for the PC, but not at the prices they were asking at the mobile phone shop, we'll shop around for somewhere cheaper.

Last year, when we got the old phones, we weren't that bothered about taking photos with a phone, we'd just use the digital camera, but now we can we wouldn't be without it.

It's cool for showing friends and family pictures of Lucy and Harvey, instead of getting a creased photo out of your purse or wallet, you can show them whole selection on your phone and really bore them silly. It will also be good for taking a picture of 'the moment', when something interesting happens and naturally, you haven't got the camera with you.

There is a real danger of me nodding off now, sitting here poised with the phone waiting for something interesting to happen.

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