Friday, December 03, 2004

Frosty Rainbow

For once, there was something worth taking a picture of on the way into work this morning, a rainbow and quite unusual with frost on the ground.

The charts are still showing something next Wednesday through to Friday, but I think any snow at it stands now would be confined to Scotland and possibly the very highest places around here. I've started looking at the charts more than a week out, known as Fantasy Island (because they very rarely come true), but it's interesting to see what might happen as we move towards our wedding... Posted by Hello


Cheryl said...

Paul, you should submit your photo to Enchanted Ceiling. They have great pictures of skies, clouds, sunsets, rainbows, etc. A wonderful site for a wonderful picture like yours.

Jacqueline said...

Hey Paul, ty for the advice, I got the flikr badge on my blog now.

I'm STILL waiting for some snow to send you a picture - but you know Canada, hot, sticky, tropical and we rarely have any snow.

Angie said...

Very kewl pic !! :)

David said...

Wow- A genuine Yorkshire Blogger! I thought I was the only one.

Does this mean we have to meet in a dark multi-storey carpark and duel to the death or something?

(Adds "Yorkshire Snowman" to favourites) I'll be back!