Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Taking It Easy

I was running about like a maniac again yesterday and ended up slipping on the stairs, pulling a muscle in my back, just in time for the wedding rehearsal! I was a bit concerned that I’d be stuck after kneeling down but I was fine and everything went well.

Today I'm having a bit of a break and keeping out of mischief, just making a few phone calls to make everything is still going to plan. I've spoken to the chap in Scotland, where we are spending our honeymoon, apparently it’s warm enough to sit outside today. I must admit it is milder here today, the temperature anyway, it still feels cold with the strong wind.

This year the Met Office appears to be going for a mild Christmas and most independent forecasters seem to think it will be cold. I've been monitoring this over the last few days and while every set of charts is different, it’s been looking cold next week for a while now.

Time for me to go and find if my waistcoat has arrived yet, I'll leave you with another lovely view from Finland.

Picture source: www.ruka.fi/webbikamerat/Posted by Hello


gemmak said...

Lol...I dunno what weather sites you are looking at but Metcheck says SNOW later this week possibly for you and very likely 'modarate' snow for me! Did you get the mail I sent you yesterday? Where in Scotland are you off to?

Snowbabies said...

Nope, did not get your mail

Could you send it again please


gemmak said...

Sure will but I need a new email addy for you....I sent it to an old hotmail address I had for you.

Mail me a new one at say-it@gemmak.co.uk and I'll resend :o)

billy said...

...I know you ain't reading this - but my best wishes for tomorrow and for all of your tomorrows from now onwards :^)...

with love