Thursday, December 30, 2004

Busy Christmas

We’ve been so busy over Christmas, I’ve not had time to look at the weather forecasts, let alone get a post on here. We went over to Manchester on Monday to see my new in-laws and they had much more snow than us still lying from Christmas day.

I’ve been trying out my hovercraft I bought yesterday in the sales but I’ve had to put it away now because its sending the cat’s potty! It seems to have a mind of its own steering wise, I’ll have to get some practice in outside and see if it works ok on water.

I’ve had a quick look at the charts today and it looks like we might see some snow to higher levels on Saturday afternoon / night. I think we might be going back up to Holme Moss if it looks like it will snow before it gets dark.

I'm off again now because Eric won't leave me alone long enough to type anything!

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Jennytc said...

Hmmm boys and their toys! Keith had a helicopter for Christmas and that has been zooming round the living