Monday, March 07, 2005

Creamy Heads

Red Nose Day is almost upon us and we're looking forward to a great night in on Friday, although we are having some new carpet laid that evening. I'm sure the fitters will be impressed with me sporting a red nose and keeping one eye on them, the other on the telly while necking a pint or two. We've been watching Comic Relief Does Fame Academy over the last week and while the first show was a bit hard on the ears with not a lot in tune, they're all getting better every day, even Nick Knowles.

My favourite, not surprisingly is Adrian Edmundson, who like me, is quite partial to a drink or three and regardless of his singing ability gets tops marks from me for falling arse over tit off the back of the sofa the other night and never let go of his drink. They all seem to be drinking bottles or cocktails in there which I don't mind myself but my fish like drinking technique tends to cause wobbly leg syndrome too early in the night.

I prefer a nice cold pint of bitter, recently it's been Boddingtons, the cream of Manchester. It really is creamy that stuff, if you don't rinse your glass, after about fours cans, you end up with half a pint of creamy head and you can almost hear someone saying "Do you want a flake in that luv?".

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