Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What No Lap Dancing?

After a few weeks of trying to wear the mouse button out on Blog Explosion, I've given up before I develop RSI.

Anyway, now I can actually see who is coming here for a peak rather than look at rows and rows of thirty second refers from the same place. There's nothing unusual in my referrers list, however, I've checked our site Snowbabies and we're apparently attracting folks looking for Lap Dancing In Llandudno.

We did go to Llandudno once but I don't recall any lap dancing going on and I'm sure I would have remembered.

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Deek Deekster said...

i think quite a lot of my traffic now comes from the linked blogs (like yours) and these steadily increase so i guess that's a good thing

i'm happy to lay off BE etc and wait for more people to come along.. and they do, every few weeks, it's another splurge of new readers

keep on snowing mate !

pay a teenager to click for you ;)