Friday, March 04, 2005

What's The Meta With Google?

When we first set up our blogs I read up a bit on search engines and how they pick your web site and ended up adding three meta tags as suggested for title, description and keywords. Sure enough all three blogs started appearing in Google search results. A while ago we changed the templates and didn't bother putting the tags in as looking at other blogs, it didn't seem to be necessary any more.

In the last few weeks we noticed a lack of hits from Google and found that one of the sites had gone from about 5th on the list to about page fifty-seven, I mean, my blog entries might not be the best but thery're not that bad surely!

So in an effort to fix things I put the tags back in again and now we're getting hits again. However, the results from Google don't show the title or description and I've noticed others missing this information too. If I view the page information through Firefox, the title and description are picked up correctly so they must be working and both Yahoo and MSN show the title and description.

Has anyone else had this problem?
Does anyone know if the tags need to be there or not?
Has Google just started missing things out, become dyslexic and having it's name changed to Ogleog?

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