Thursday, March 03, 2005

Snow Makes The Headlines

Shivering UK Braves Icy Weather

Headline news last night and this morning from the BBC, but you've got to laugh at the council admitting they we're caught out! Everyone following the weather on the net knew it was coming well in advance

I'm not council bashing though, they get a hard enough time in winter with scathing remarks from commuters about the state of the roads. It's not the councils fault, grit really needs spreading on top of snow and by the time there is a covering on the road, a handful of clueless people have brought the whole place to a standstill before the gritters can do anything about it.

I think part of the driving test should include a trip to a skid pan with artificial snow so people can learn how to drive confidently and safely in snow. Obviously, I'd be booking me and my little car in for a session every week

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