Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Snowing Darn Sarth

The fun and games have started today with snow in the south, it looks like Kent is bearing the brunt of todays snow and the situation doesn't look like changing anytime soon with most people down there heading home early.

A weather warning has been issued for us here in Yorkshire but as yet all we've seen here is a moderate shower of snow pellets, although Debbie has called me from Sheffield and says it's snowing really heavy there.

Will I be driving home through a couple of inches of snow later or just the puddles we have at the moment?

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Richard said...

You're not wrong - here in snowy Kent we've had the largest amount of snow I've seen in many years. In fact, I'm posting this comment from home at a time when I would usually be in the office - we've all been sent home !!