Thursday, March 10, 2005


This Is London reported yesterday that authorities in the North East think they have a rogue shark problem, possibly a Shortfin Mako. Now I do like watching programs about sharks and I didn't think Mako was in the 'friendly' category, a little search through Google threw up this handy piece of advice:

Warning: Although there are few reported attacks on humans, this shark is regarded as dangerous. Hooked makos have been known to attack boats.

It's funny, we're probably more likely to be struck by lightning than ever be attacked by a shark, but a warning about a possible thunderstorm doesn't come close to the effect a warning about sharks has on most people.

We're on holiday in a couple of months on the East Coast but no shark story will disrupt our holiday, we've never been one's for swimming in the sea, nothing to do with what might be lurking in there, it's just too bloody cold!

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