Monday, August 16, 2004

Alien vs Predator

While I was browsing last week I glimpsed something about Alien vs Predator and dismissed it thinking it was a someone having a laugh. Now it appears that it's a real film and it's doing very well at the box office. I'm not sure if I'd want to watch it or not, I liked the original Alien and Predator films but it seems to me that the film industry is clutching at straws for ideas at the moment which usually doesn't make for a very good film. However, I've had a glimpse of the trailer and I must admit, it does look quite good, whether the story is any good remains to be seen.

They've already done this before with Freddy vs Jason which I never considered worth watching despite seeing all the original films. What, I wonder, will be next off the production line, Scooby Doo vs Garfield ? Actually, that one might be worth watching!


terrashmerra said...

i don't know about you, but i find it simply disturbing that this type of movie a) gets made in the first place and b) brings in the big audiences. it's getting more and more difficult to find decent movies.

Alan Saunders said...

I suppose I should do the geeky thing and point out that teh Alien vs Predator concept was a (fairly successful) comic series from several years ago. The film is merely making use of that.

As I recall, the trophy head of an Alien makes a cameo appearence in Predator 2.

Starbuck said...

And after the comic, it was a fairly effective computer game (to continue the geeky comments!)