Thursday, August 26, 2004

Willie The Wasp Strikes Back

For the last few weeks, Willie the wasp has taken up residence in one of the bins in the garage at work which is known locally as smokers corner. He's been terrorising me every lunch time, waiting until I think he's moved on and then appears from nowhere to watch me dance from one end of the garage to the other. Thankfully tomorrow is my last day at work for a week and I'm hoping that when I return, he'll be gone and I'll be able to have a puff in peace.

The other day we bought some new sauces, one curry and one barbecue in these newly designed bottles. When the time came for a squirt on the side, I examined the bottle for about five minutes trying to find out how to open the dam thing. Despite my best efforts the lid just wouldn't come off so I ended up risking life and limb, well, finger ends anyway, sawing the top off with a kitchen knife. It's still wasn't right, the hole was still blocked with plastic, until that is, I twisted the top and it opened, bugger! I got the other bottle and sure enough, a quick twist to the left is all that was needed. I feel I should write and complain that this technical piece of information wasn't printed on the side of the bottle but I'm not sure I could stand the humiliation of not being able to get into a squeezy sauce bottle design for kids!


Anonymous said...

This proves it - Yorkshire people are stupid.

Babs said...

If it's ANY consolation I have to get my nephew to open pill bottles for me sometimes.

Let's hope he doesn't find the valium.

Anonymous said...

Wasps, half a lemon with cloves stuck in it....and I can't get the hang of those prawn dip plastic things where you have to tear the plastic tab off first.

Turbatio said...

All this new-fangled 'plastic' business hasn't reached Wales yet. I'm safe from humiliation. For now.

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