Monday, August 23, 2004

Autumn Approaches

It's a wet and miserable day here in not so sunny Yorkshire, it starting to get cooler now as Autumn approaches and our Christmas Wedding gets nearer. Next week we'll be on holiday and that will be the last week we have chance to sort out the last few tasks, suits, cattery, cake etc. and I'll be mighty glad when everything is booked and sorted so we can just sit back and wait for the big day.

In reality though, I doubt we'll be able to sit back at all until the day itself draws to a close. We're a very close couple and go everywhere together, we like to do what we want, when we want to do it, mostly at the drop of a hat. We're not one's for having a full social diary, we don't like to be tied down to dates and times, when we're not at work, our precious free time is our own. Planning the wedding, even though most things were booked last year, is really trying our patience and at times, we've come so close to throwing in the towel and running off somewhere to get married. Trying to please so many people for just one day is a nightmare come true and I'm really looking forward to leaving the lot of them behind when we head off to Scotland for our honeymoon.


Elin said...

Don't even think about pleasing anyone else but yourselves! It is not fun if all you can think of is wheter aunt Lavinia likes the pudding. It is of no importance that she like the pudding. It is only important that YOU like the pudding. Unless you hate pudding, in which case I suggest you
serve something else altogether. Besides, don't fool yourself that it will be over just because the wedding is done with.
There are still the presents (most of which will be ghastly) and Thank You notes.

Snowbabies said...

Too true Elin, although we're hoping that now we've put the word out that we would like B & Q vouchers, we might not need a skip for all the pressies!


Elin said...

We gave super strict orders for what we wanted, dedicating some of it to charity to make them comply. Which in all fairness a lot of peole did.
And yet we somehow ended up with a 3 foot garden gnome statue supposedly depicting the two of us.
We don't have a garden.

Starbuck said...


But yes, I know what you mean. I'm due for a big day of my own next May, and its all quite intensive round some other family quarters already...