Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Randomly I Wander

I'm loving this new blogger tool bar, especially the random 'Next Blog' button. Searching for blogs at random is great fun, I get to see blogs I would otherwise probably never find. Some of the blogs I've seen over the last couple of days aren't really up my street and others are so difficult to navigate it's untrue.

There does seem to be a lot of new blogs popping up and while many have not much more than a few test posts, one or two have captured my imagination. One in particular, Locked In The Fridge, is a cracking read right from the word go and makes you want to return to read more.

1 comment:

Andr´ Muggiati said...

So, that´s how you arrived to my blog. Sorry, but it´s written in Portuguese only. I´m thinking of starting one in English, but don´t have much time for it...
André Muggiati from Ruínas Circulares