Sunday, August 08, 2004

Taking It's Toll

I’ve been going on about the weather for a while which I can’t help really. As soon as I try to think of anything else, I just come back to thinking just how hot and muggy it is. I should be writing about how I was legless on Friday night and not remembering going to bed, feeling a little bit under the weather on Saturday morning and having one or two beers again on Saturday night. Or, maybe, about the council trying to wind me up, by digging up the road and sending me five miles out of my way just to get a bottle of lighter fluid to start the bbq.

Instead I’m sat here with two fans pointing at me and a large supply of icy cold stella to keep me going while I think of something to write about. The dogs keep coming up to the computer and see there’s still a blank page on the screen and walk of again shaking their heads. The parrot is fed up of waiting for today’s post and is getting increasingly bored, so much so, in the last few minutes he’s started chirping away to the tune of ‘why are we waiting’. The The cat’s have given up on me and have gone back to their game of chase the fly round house, with extra points for knocking things over as they charge about. Debbie’s fallen asleep on the sofa, obviously watching me not type anything for an hour has taken it’s toll on everyone.


Jennyta said...

Weird weather indeed. Wait till next week - torrential rain and storms again. What really annoys me is the cheerful way these weather presenters tell us what's in store - do they think it's not going to affect them, only the rest of us?

Turbatio said...

I actually think that weather men/women we see on TV and read in the paper are directly responsible for the climactic conditions they report. They should be shot. All of them. Then we'll see a wave of high pressure coming in from Africa or something. Honest.

Snowbabies said...

Absolutley! Appart from Paul Hudson on Look North, I like him because he likes snow, it's just a pity he doesn't forecast it more often!