Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Who is it that designs a window that can only be opened two inches? Why would anyone want a window like that? Obviously many people out there do and there are loads of them about, mainly in modern buildings consisting mostly of glass. Putting these windows into a building like this creates the 'greenhouse' effect, keeping the inside ten or twenty degrees warmer than the outside in any weather. These windows are only fit for greenhouses and should only be sold to gardeners who can prove they are building a home for their tomatoes.

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The comment I meant to post yesterday ;)

One of the accommodation blocks here at Lancaster University is a 14-floor tower:
Back in March we had a major problem with someone throwing objects (shoes, (full) bottles, etc.) from windows on the upper floors. Obviously the police were called, but public liability regulations obliged us to install limiting brackets on the windows and balcony doors, restricting access to less than the diameter of a bottle.

I suppose that's a reason for designing windows the way you describe - to combat idiots and improve safety in tall buildings. Maybe it's a security issue for lower buildings, too.