Thursday, August 12, 2004

Firemen Back In Action

As if it wasn't warm enough last night, the kids with the matches were back again and set fire to the buildings behind us three times, the full details are here and here. It's made the local news paper this time round so maybe something will be done about it.

The article in the paper gives an account from the firemen's point of view, how dangerous the building was after the first two fires and having to send in guys with breathing apparatus even though it really wasn't safe. I take my hat off to the firemen at Tankersley, they did a fantastic job each time they were called out.

I did notice though, that the article never mentioned me sprinting across our yard in just a pair of slippers and pj shorts to the cars that were only a couple of metres from the flames and then driving them out of harms way like Stirling Moss.

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Turbatio said...

You hero, you! I would have got some crumpets, put them on a very long stick and...