Friday, September 24, 2004

Big Drop In Temperature

Well I didn't see any snow in the Scottish mountains yesterday and today's forecast has been downgraded to wintry showers, hey ho. That's the thing with snow watching, there's lots of anticipation, lots of disappointment and occasionally the forecast is right and it actually snows.

More often than not though, even monitoring all the resources available on the internet from weather stations to weather charts, it snows when you least expect it and that's what makes it such fun.

Whizzing round the blogsphere this morning, I came across this post. Thank you to Lancashire Lass for giving me a mention on her lovely site. Apparently, the Siberian Crows have arrived in Amsterdam, signalling the onset of winter, I think I trust the crows more than the forecasters here

The temperature plummeted last night, yesterday morning it was 12.8c in the back yard and today at dawn it was only 6.2c, quite a drop and quite chilly when setting off to work. I think the thick coat is going to have to come out from it's summer hibernation.

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