Monday, September 13, 2004

Silly Season

Today I've been seeking out my winter weather links from last year and copying them from IE to Firefox. My favourite ones for early winter were a group of five webcams in Lapland which can be found here. Today it looks very wet there but with a temperature of only around 6 Celsius, I think the first snow isn't usually expected until November but I'm not expecting this to be a typical year. I could be wrong but I'll be watching these webcams like a hawk from now on through the winter.

I've also checked out which shows where snow is expected to fall around the world. I've been checking this site for two years and it's very good for an early warning of snow but as with any other forecast, it can be wrong.

For more detail about where snow is likely in the UK, I use the good old BBC Weather site and for weather warnings the place to go is the MET Office which also provides lots of information on what to do during severe weather.

So, silly season is here and I'll be busy checking a whole host of web sites daily, looking for snow fall in Europe and hopefully we'll see some here before too long. I promise not to mention snow again until I find any because I'm well aware, my obsession with it drives everyone else bonkers!


gemmak said...

I share your obsession with snow. I had a really good site last year and I'll be damned if I can find it or even remeber its name now! Grrrrr. I love nothing better than a good fall of snow...sad eh? hehe.

terrashmerra said...

where should i be going for general weather prediction in england for the next week or so ? i am heading to work and then london on wednesday, so i'd love to know what i should be packing !