Sunday, September 12, 2004

What's Your Hobby

While we were out with friends last night, the topic of hobbies came up and I starting thinking about all the hobbies I’ve started over the years….

Brewing Beer.
Computer Programming
CB Radio
Recording the Weather
Radio Scanning
Games Consoles
Bird Watching
Flying Kites
Radio Controlled Cars

There’s probably loads of others I’ve forgotten about and I dread to think how much money I’ve spent starting all these and then moving onto something new. It wasn’t wasted though, I’ve still got all my bird watching kit and we do take it out with us when taking Lucy for a walk somewhere.

I’ve still got the radio scanner which is cool to take out as a normal radio as it picks up loads of stations. I still have a thermometer sensor in the garden with the display in here, so I know if it’s cold enough for snow. I’ve still got a Playstation 2 but it’s only used for playing dvd’s upstairs. The bike is in the shed and has been all summer.

The fishing tackle is at Dad’s and hasn’t been touched for 15 years. There is a tent somewhere but I was sick in it the first and last time I used it so it ought to be incinerated. The CB radio my Granddad left me is still upstairs but every time I’ve switched it on I’ve heard nothing and I’m too shy to talk on it anyway.

More recently, the power kite hasn’t seen the light of day for months, although it could be fun today in this wind. The radio controlled car hasn’t been started for weeks, I just can’t find the time to take it anywhere for a decent run.

With no shadow of a doubt I can safely say that my hobby is starting hobbies!

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gemmak said...

Hehe...I have a habit of hobby starting....most of yours I have attempted. The power kiting i don't think I fancy in todays wind...I would be deposited in Alaska or some such......I struggled often in light wind. lol