Saturday, September 18, 2004

Gibbering Wreck!

With Debbie taking an afternoon nap, I’ve been writing the post for Snowbabies with the help of the zoo. Lucy trying to jump on my knee every two minutes, Eric climbing up my back so he can jump on the keyboard, Toddy trying to destroy the window blinds, Misty singing for his supper three hours early and Zippy whistling down my ear.

The folks next door are getting Married today and happily the rain this morning has gone and the sun is shining on them. The groom was standing at his door when we got back home today, having a nervous puff on a cigarette waiting for the car to arrive. He said he’s been fine until today, but now he’s a nervous wreck, shaking from head to toe.

I think that’s how I’ll be, fine and dandy the night before and a gibbering wreck on the day!

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