Thursday, September 30, 2004

Get Those Woolly Hats Out

Last night I watched British Isles, A Natural History, new series just started on BBC1. Presented by Alan Titchmarsh, he explained how little things that we see every day give clues as to how the British Isles used to be. One of the most obvious ones, we I've never considered before was the fact that seal pups are born white on the islands of Scotland, long before there's likely to be any snow and shows that years and years ago the islands must have been covered in snow and ice.

Another highlight of the program was the ingenious way of getting across how many different types of rocks there are.... by sampling bottles of whisky that have been made using water from different sources which had been filtered through the different kinds of rock. They all had their distinct flavour and aroma, all down to the source of the water. Some people get all the best jobs!

After a slight rise in temperature over the last few days, it does seem to be dropping away again and the forecast at shows the drop in temperature expected through the rest of this week with wintry showers forecast over the weekend in the mountains. The fifteen day forecast for Aviemore at Online Weather is currently showing a marked drop in just over a weeks time and with The Weather Outlook suggesting early snowfall is possible even at lower levels in the second half of October, it's all getting quite interesting.

The last week hasn't seen so much snow falling in Europe but that's now changing and I've noticed it's snowing in Norway today and the latest webcam shot seems to suggest they've had quite a bit already in the mountains. It's also currently snowing in parts of Slovakia, Sweden and Greenland.

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