Thursday, September 23, 2004

Too Heavy Man

We've got some 'speak your weight scales' at work, normally used for weighing packages, I hopped on this morning and was told I was 14 stone and 1 pound, it's gone up! I'm drinking less and putting on more weight, that can't be right, I'll try it again next week after a few more days not drinking and see if it's gone down a bit.

Debbie's had a couple of comments about the background on her blog making it hard to read. Well if people will insist on trying to read blogs with pissed vision then they've got to expect problems. Anyway, Debbie reluctantly agreed to let me change it slightly last night for the benefit of everyone that likes a tipple now and again.

Reading the reports at I've noticed that they had a covering of snow on the Nevis range two weeks ago and I missed it! The forecast for today and tomorrow is for snow showers so maybe all is not lost. I've checked this morning and it just looks very wet up there at the moment, I'll check back later and see if anything's turned white.


Kerry said...

lol I agree with what you said about certain people who had problems reading debbies blog. There's only one thing I can say to those people who can't read it....they should have gone to specsavers! I think Debbie's blog looked nice and I had no problems reading it. It still looks nice now it's been changed.

Lou Lou said...

how on earth do you keep all 3 going with different content? lol
lovely header btw