Monday, November 29, 2004

Chilling With The Pride

We had a great time at Knowsley Safari Park on Saturday, it was nice to get away from it all for a while, with less than three weeks to go to our wedding, things are starting to get a little hectic around here. You can't beat looking into the eyes of a lion, standing two feet away for taking you mind off things!

Luckily I'm finishing work next Thursday so I'll have over a week to make sure all the plans are still on track and sort out the last few details before the big day. The nerves are holding out quite well at the moment but I think as soon as I've done with work and started getting everything ready at home, I'll be sliding down the slippery slope to a jibbering wreck by the day itself! I'll just have to keep myself busy, turning the place into a palace so we can sell quickly next year and move to pastures new.

I was surprised to find that there has been quite a bit of snow up in the Cairngorm mountains over the weekend, with any luck the snow should stick around for a while with the continuing cooler weather. It would be nice to think that the snow will last right up to our honeymoon up there just before Christmas but I think that may be a long shot, although with 18 inches of snow reported at the top, you just never know.

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