Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Out Of Breath

I've had a walk into town today, something I've not done for a while and boy does it feel like it! It's only about a 20 minute walk, but I do tend to walk quite fast and by the last stretch coming back up the hill, my calf's were on fire!

I see Bush looks like he's back in for another term, I've not really taken much notice but from what little I have seen, neither were all that convincing and it looks like it's come down to a question of better the muppet you know. So we've got a few months before it all starts again over here, I can't wait!

Not much to report on the snow front today, the word is that there may be a cold blast a week on Thursday/Friday, I'll have a better idea on this after the weekend, if it's still on the cards by then


david said...

Howdy -- just noticed on my referrer list that you stopped by (or one of your visitors did). Can I assume from the few posts that I read that you LOVE snow? If so -- hooray! I do too!

Anonymous said...

I notice you refer to yourself as a "bloke". I've started a new webring for blogging blokes called, imaginatively, The Blogging Blokes Webring. I'd like ot invite you to join:


Angie said...

Hi! Yorkshire huh?? I was there last year. Absolutely a great place!!!!

and (groans) please don't mention bush. We aren't all over here very happy bout it.

That 1 Guy said...

I was over there in March, staying just a little outside of Egton Bridge. First couple of days, we had no transport, so we did alot of walking. Those hills can be killers! My calves hurt for two days after we got the bright idea to walk into Egton Bridge, and then walk up the hill to Egton! We were told that we walked about six miles round trip, but it felt like a hell of a lot further! Good thing we broke the trip up with a couple of pints!

darcey said...

good stuff!!