Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Warning Of Heavy Snow!

The Met Office have today issued the first warning of heavy snow this season, the warning is for Thursday and it's not a surprise that Scotland has the highest risk (60%) with chances of snow diminishing the further south you go. It looks like we're currently in the 30-40% bracket but close to the 40-50% bracket. I would think this early warning will be updated again tomorrow morning and with any luck our chances of snow might have increased.

Snowforecast.com are also showing snow on Thursday/Friday for Scotland and central/northern areas of England around the Pennies, again, this will be updated tomorrow morning and hopefully the big green patch on the map will still be there :-)

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doug said...

Hey, thanks for the link to snow-forecast.com. I did not know that there was a site giving snow predictions for the UK. I see that down here in Gloucester we're right on the edge of the green patch, so I guess there's little chance of snow here!