Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Dangerous Drivers

It seems to be national prang your car day today, on the way in to work this morning I heard on the radio that there had been a bad accident on the M1 junction 34 and looking at the roadside, I noticed a car had driven into a wall. Then not a minute later, another traffic bulletin announcing that there had been another accident on the M1, this time junction 36. There's often accidents on that stretch of the M1 but it's baffling me how the car on our road managed to end up hitting the wall, I can only assume it must have swerved to avoid something.

At work this morning I was watching an elderly chap come back to his car. We've seen him before returning with a bottle of whisky and taking a swig before setting off so we've reported him to the police. Today he just put the bottle in the door pocket and started the car, he hadn't shut his door properly, he drove forward instead of backwards and stopped before hitting the car in front. Then then he drove backwards, then forwards, the door swung open and just missed my car. How he manages to get home I don't know but there are a few dents in his car.

Enough about dangerous drivers, what about the snow prospects? Well, from what I can see from the charts and forecasts, it looks like swinging between warm and cold for the next week, not really cold enough for snow here but there may be a chance over higher ground with the Scottish mountains at least seeing some snow over the next few days although I doubt it will amount to much. I'll just have to make do with a frost on Friday morning!

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