Friday, November 26, 2004

Breathe In!

Well, the weekend is almost upon us and yes, it going to be colder but I can't any snow in the distance just yet. The charts don't show anything cold enough and usually an increase in straw clutching, divided opinions and even bickering in the Weather Outlook Forum means snow is going to be unlikely over the next few days.

My main concern at the moment isn't anything to do with the weather though, it's wondering how the chuff I'm going to get into those trousers I bought yesterday. I got them one size lower than I've got now, with the diet going so well I didn't want to be wearing baggy trousers on our honeymoon in three weeks time. I think what this now boils down to is that I need two inches off the beer belly between now and then, either that or I'll be walking around Scotland without ever breathing out and I'm not sure which is the harder!

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