Monday, November 22, 2004

Weather Gets Back To Normal

The snow has gone now but it did manage to hold on until Sunday afternoon which for November here is pretty good. I can't at the moment see where our next snowfall will come from, the charts are changing from one run to the next, the only thing this certain is that the next few days will be a little bit warmer, then after that, anything could happen :-)

One good thing at the moment is that there are still 159 weather stations across Europe reporting snow today so, with all that lying snow around, if we do get any weather from the East or North East, it should bring lots of snow here.

The weeks are flying by now as we hurtle towards our wedding three weeks on Saturday, I can't believe it will be December next week! Christmas decorations are starting to spring up around us, I think the early snowfall has got everyone in the festive a little bit early this year

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