Monday, November 01, 2004

Twighlight Zone

It's been a very busy weekend, wall to wall shopping mostly, everything from dodgy TV upgrades to nice tops Nothing seemed to phase us over the weekend, even being greeted by an overflow pipe spewing water on Sunday afternoon was sorted out in minutes with a new washer and a bacardi & coke. The extra hour has done us both though, we were in the twilight zone last night, by the time it was 7pm it felt more like 10pm and bed time!

November is finally here and we can reasonably expect snowfall from now until March or April, whether we get any is another matter entirely! The forecast for this week is mostly fog, frost and cloud but I have read on the Weather Outlook Forum that there maybe a cold snap next week. I've had a look at the charts and can't see any sign of a cold snap up to next Monday, which is as far ahead as I dare look, beyond that time scale, the charts are known as Fantasy Island, they often look good for snow but usually change by the time they get within a week away.

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