Thursday, January 13, 2005

Allergic Reaction

The man-flu is taking hold today, it's been doing the rounds at work since before Christmas and it's a minor miracle I didn't contract this in time for our wedding having sneezed my way through the Christmas holidays for the last few years. I think I'll be popping over to the chemist for some man-flu repellant (Lempsip), it did seem to do the trick last time.

Debbie thinks it's just an allergic reaction to the DIY schedule she's lined up for this weekend, finishing off the jobs we started last summer. I'll be there, armed with hammer, nails, screws, loads of wood and an array of choice words to fire at the tongue and groove going round the kitchen window.

As for the snow prospects round here, it's not looking very promising at the moment, The Weather Outlook home page early last week was sporting a snowy scene and speculating on a post mid month cold spell, since then it's been downgraded every couple of days and is now showing daffodils!

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