Tuesday, January 18, 2005

There's Snow On Them There Hills

Well we didn't see any snow last night but we did have a dusting overnight and a few moderate snow showers through this morning. This cold snap is over already though, it's mostly sunny now and anything that does fall out of the sky is likely to be sleet or rain now.

With the snow melting away, I decided to have a drive up to Woodhead in the Pennines at lunch time and see how much snow there was up there and I wasn't disappointed. The roads were clear but there must have been about 3 inches of lying snow up there. It was snowing heavy when I got there but it soon fizzled out when I got the camera out of the bag ..lol..

With this cold spell out of the way, it's eyes down looking for the next one, not sure where it's coming from though, the charts show cold plunges all the way, but will they be cold enough for some more snow down here....

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