Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Getting Lighter

It's starting to get a little bit lighter as we head off to work in the morning and after the ten minute drive to work the sky recently has been showing lovely shades of blue pink and red. Hopefully in about another weeks time, it'll be light enough to park up on the country lanes on the way in and take some photographs, especially of the sheep I say hello to every morning as I drive past.

A photo that I wished we had got at the weekend but didn't due to the weather and lack of time, was of some sheep that appear to have taken up residence on a cricket field near Holmfirth. They've been there for over a week so they must have written permission from the groundsman, maybe they prefer mowing the grass the natural way at this particular cricket club.

It seems any chance of snow for us here has been quite literally blown away for now, predictions of a cold period starting around mid month are fading away, never having shown up in the charts at all. The forecast today is for blizzards on the higher routes in Scotland and just plain old cold, wet and windy down here in Yorkshire. I've just had a sneaky look at the Cairngorm webcams and it's certainly snowing heavily up there.

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