Thursday, January 20, 2005

Vanishing Fences

Thank you to everyone for you birthday wishes yesterday :-)

I had a great day and have a lovely curry at Meadowhall before going browsing for a new mobile phone.

I had a go on Photoshop Elements last night and having got my book with step by step guides on common editing tricks I was removing mesh fences from a photograph of a tiger in no time. However, I think it would take me about two hours to remove a whole fence but if we get a magic shot that we want to blow up and frame then it will be well worth the effort.

It's been very windy here since yesterday evening and on the ride into work this morning I had to negotiate a few obstacles in the road like, branches, trees, water carriers and a garden fence. Looking at the weather forecasts this morning, it looks like we might have another taste of winter this weekend, although the likelihood of snow might be confined to the East coast if we get any at all.

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Jennyta said...

You're getting another new mobile phone---- again!!!! lol