Friday, January 07, 2005

Celebrity Misfits

I flicked over to channel four last night to watch the first instalment of Celebrity Big Brother, Debbie's not a fan of the show but watched it with me anyway and I think we were both quite amazed at the bunch of social misfits they've managed to get together.

First in was John McCririck who is apparently unashamedly obsessed with breasts and whose wife is called Booby, you just couldn't make this stuff up! Another nutter that caught our attention was Bez, formally of Happy Mondays and judging by his head wobbling all the time, must have been very happy, on every day of the week.

I almost wish I'd missed it now, because now I've seen the housemates, I'm intrigued and want find out if Bez gets followed by the police when he's evicted after saying the only thing he'll miss is the wacky baccy.

It's just twisting my mellon man.

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