Monday, October 18, 2004


I thought I'd have a change from Norway, although they have had yet more snow in Longyearbyen, I'm not jealous, honest! Todays shot is from Planneraim in Austria which until this weekend, didn't even have any snow on the mountains in the background.

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gemmak said...

Rofl.I think I'm gonna give up on 'metcheck' and just come here instead! are only, er...mildly obsessed! :o)

Snowbabies said...

Lmao! I have kept the sunny picture of me to balance things out a bit, I did consider replacing it with a picture of an Eskimo though ;-)


Chameleon said...

One of the national stereotypes concerning the English/British is that our main topic of conversation is about the weather (oh yes, and that our cooking is atrocious). You are certainly doing your bit to reinforce the rest of the world's image of us :))))) (in a highly entertaining manner, I might add!)