Thursday, October 21, 2004

Norway - Finse

Now that's what I call snow!

Picture source: Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Oh that picture is so awesome. I"m patiently waiting for snow here, where I live!

Found you via blog explosion - nice place :)


Jarle Petterson said...

Check out that camera on in a month or two, and you’ll see what winter is all about. I’m tempted, on occasion, to take the train to my hometown, Bergen, from Oslo, where I live. The train passes Finse station, where your photo’s taken. By the way, they shot one of the Star Wars pictures up there. I don’t remember its name, but it was the one partly taking place on a particularly snowy planet.

I too found your blog through Blog Explosion.

Snowbabies said...

Thank you for your kind comments :-) I would have been Empire Strikes Back on the planet Hoth. I will certainly be checking in on this webcam again later :-)