Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Surfing Webcams

I love perusing web cams around the world, not just looking for wintry weather, it's just nice to have a window on another part of the world thousands of miles away. It's something I'd like to set up at home and certainly something I'll be thinking about more after we move house next year. When we have a decent sized garden I'd love to set up a bird table that I could point the camera at through the day.

There's much to do before then, it's looks like I might be working on the kitchen this weekend, getting the tongue and groove finished off so Debbie and paint it. The bathroom still needs decorating, although that's going to be easier now we're selling and have dropped the elaborate plans we had in favour of just getting it presentable after peeling odd bits of wall paper off over the last year. The only other we'll need to do is turn the dumpit site back into an attic bedroom which is going to take more effort than the decorating with all the rubbish we've left up there.

I was rather hoping to see a bit more snow about in Europe and Scandinavia with snow being forecast for the Cairngorms tomorrow but most of the webcams I've checked out today are sporting lovely blue skies. Except that is, for the webcam at Cairngorm itself which is covered in raindrops and you can see just enough to know that it's cold, damp and miserable up there today. Hey ho, there's always tomorrow.......


JustSue said...

I promise ya a web cam view or a least a handful of photos from Canada once the snow starts to fly. It's really gorgeous here after a heavy wet snow fall, the way it clings to everything. Beautiful! Of course it's only gorgeous until you have to shovel out and clean off the car and driveway at 4am in the morning in order to start the slow 2 hour white knuckle drive to work - the same drive that takes only 20 mins in normal road conditions! Welcome to winter in Canada!

Artful Dodger said...

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