Thursday, October 07, 2004

Verging On The Ridiculous

Reading through todays BBC news headlines, I caught this news item which to me is verging on the ridiculous. Three boys have been missing on the Lancashire Moors since yesterday who aren't dressed for the conditions and have no waterproof clothing. They were apparently part of a field trip from an activity centre and I've got to ask the question, what the hell were they doing taking these kids out without the proper kit? You would think with a spate of similar headlines recently, people would take a bit more responsibility.

I can remember spending a week at a local activity centre from school and before we were allowed out of the door we were issued with a bright orange water proof jacket, water proof trousers and had to wear lots of layers of clothing underneath plus a sturdy pair of boots. Granted, with that lot on, we could hardly walk but at least we were going to be safe walking across the peaks. When it's driving with rain and you have your head lowered to stop the rain stinging your face, just following the feet in front of you, it's very easy to get separated.

I only hope the youngsters are found safe and well.

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