Monday, October 18, 2004

New Boots

It's been a mighty busy weekend travelling over to Manchester on Saturday and touring the Peak District on Sunday. I've picked up a couple of books about the Peak District which I've yet to read properly but they have some stunning photographs and lots of suggested routes to travel around by car. We also both got ourselves a pair of walking boots from Bakewell, not that we're going to be walking for miles on end but they will keep our feet comfy and warm when we're out and about in the snow.

I've had a quick check on the snow front this morning and it looks like the Cairngorms could see some snow this week with wintry showers forecast for today and snow for the rest of the week. There's less than nine weeks to go now until I finally get to marry my wonderful fiancee, Debbie and I really want it to be special when we drive up through Scotland surrounded by snowy hills and mountains.

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