Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Looking Good For Santa

Hope I'm not tempting fate, but I've still not heard any fireworks going off near home. We did have one go off outside work yesterday, it sounded like we were under attack and the poor old window cleaner who was just finishing my window nearly fell off his ladder! Watching the local news this morning, it appears that our local police force are cracking down on fireworks this year, prosecuting shop owners that sell to anyone under the age of 18 and tracking down the idiots letting them off where they shouldn't be. We'll see if they manage to keep a lid on the late night banging as we get nearer to Bonfire night.

I noticed yesterday that Lapland, the focus of my favourite webcam selection, has had some snow over the weekend and the temperature there has taken a real tumble from being nearly as warm as here last week and hardly getting above freezing this week. It looks like Santa won't have any problems getting about in his sleigh this year ..lol..

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